EUKO Chemical Engineering

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EUKO Chemical Engineering is rapidly developing business.

EUKO Chemical Engineering
provides comprehensive solutions to chemical engineering and environmental problems.
All solutions begin from the initial consultations; continue by planning, by construction, by designer's supervision of the building and finish in introduction of the proposed solutions.

EUKO Chemical Engineering
develops and proposes unique solutions relevant for clients and based on modern knowledge and wide experience.

EUKO Chemical Engineering
develops and designs pollutions and waste treatment facilities that include the following processes:
      Bullet 10 separation
      Bullet 10 absorption
      Bullet 10 adsorption
      Bullet 10 filtration
      Bullet 10 precipitation
      Bullet 10 thermo oxidation.

EUKO Chemical Engineering
designs and supplies systems to industry: inorganic and organic chemical, mineral products, coating, construction material, metal processing, metal casting, coloring, pharmaceutical and food.


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